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Saturday, April 25
in a nutshell
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 SDH makes it official
High temp: 5.4, Low: 0.3
 False Report
 The next car I have won't be petro, but EV.
 Basket Ball for Easter
 virgin mobile??
 Problems with kids in neighbourhood
 Compter threat

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How far will the Wheat Kings make it in the playoffs?

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I have a delma for all you ebrandoner's out there. I have a neighbour who is constantly causing problems with us and they know it too. We just moved into our house last June, and never spoke to them. First was when winter came, they shoveled their...
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Equity Take Out To Purchase A Revenue Property
Posted by Centum Mortgage Choice
This past week while doing an open house, I came across a long-time acquaintance that was interested in purchasing a revenue property. She already own...Read more >>

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