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Saturday, December 20
in a nutshell
Currently -5
Tonight -7
Tomorrow -3


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 A&E suspends Phil from "Duck Dynasty"
High temp: -18.7, Low: -27.7
 Gas 98.9
 Missing Minnedosa girl found and is safe
 Where is the best burger in town?
 Boxing day shopping
 Snow Conditions
 Best place to buy a HD TV??

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To the person who left a note on my vehicle
To the person at Target tonight (6 ish) that left a nasty note on my Blazer.    Yes, I left my 2 dogs in my vehicle. It's -4. Give it a break!!!    My Norwegian Elkhound loves this weather, and my long haired little one does too! ...
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Council Meeting - December 15, 2014: C...
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PMH Travel Health Clinic
Posted by Regional Health Authority
Planning a trip?  Be prepared, contact PMH Travel Health Clinic....Read more >>

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