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Thursday, April 24
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 Brandon docs who support period suppression?
 Needing witnesses from Vic East dog park - Sunday April 22!!
 nanny cam or surveillance camera on your realtor
 Army dude at 7-11 lastnite....
 Fatal stabbing in Brandon
 Winter storm watch - 10+ cm possible
 One more reason to let these "hotels" go.....

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Petty theft (to some but not to us)
This past week our family has, yet again, become a victim to either someone's prank or boredom.  On our front doorstep we had a Christmas decoration (a dinosaur with a Santa hat holding a gift) and it was stolen.  It doesn't seem like...
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Frequently Asked Questions – Round 2
Posted by ChrisTurcotte-CentumMortgageChoice
1) What’s the difference between a broker and the bank?Here’s a popular one and I’m the perfect person to ask because I used to be a...Read more >>

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