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Friday, March 06
in a nutshell
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High -1
Tonight -11


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A glimpse at what was on the mind of Brandonites on this day in past years

 Failing local businesses - Sweet City Cupcakery and More
High temp: -9.9, Low: -12.2
 Foxxy's closed?
 Stop Kony - 2012
 Early morning stabbing
 Loyalty/reward shopping programs
 Traditional Gender Roles
 bridal registry

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The last of the the snow in Brandon will be melted by...

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city burning
Anyone else see this to be a problem ? My kids are now both coughing like crazy . Is the city that cheap that they couldn't haul it away? ...
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She's Mine written by George Jones an...
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Neepawa vs Ocn Blizzard: Setting up po...
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Crocus Plains Safe Grad Meeting
Posted by Jason Sisson
We had a meeting at Crocus to catch people up on a few Safe Grad items, with our main agenda in regards to the Houston’s Bud & Spud on March...Read more >>

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