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Thursday, October 30
in a nutshell
Currently -1
High 2
Tonight -10


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 Empire theatre showtimes???!
High temp: 7.4, Low: -6.3
 Too Old For Trick-or-Treating?
 Dating. Age. Younger or Older
 Very Disgusting!!
 Negative stereotypes directed towards younger mothers!
 15th & Rosser

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Free Flu Clinics
 Brandon: Saturday, Oct. 25  10 am-5pm
Nurses Res. Gym, BRHC

Clinic dates and times across PMH

PMH looking for 
Driving Instruction Assessor



















Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour
~Nov 29th & 30th~ Keystone Centre~ 
Cheer Like Never Before!

Brandon Municipal Election 2014

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