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Topic: I need your help I'm Running for Miss Canada Globe Petite (Aleca Antonakis)
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4/25/2011 1:22:32 PM
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Nov 2010
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I need your help I'm Running for Miss Canada Globe Petite (Aleca Antonakis)

Hi everyone my name is Aleca Antonakis. I am from Brandon and I'm 19 years of age will be 20 soon.  
I am running for Miss Canada Globe Petite! Its like those models you see on tv once a year with the sash! Or course I am most thrilled to be in this special event! In order for me to particapate in this I have to get buinsesses to help sponsor me the money for myu entry fee! I CANT WORK FOR IT MYSELF! I NEED YOUR HELP!! Or anyone in general willing to help pledge me something little I have pledge forms they are made for smaller donations it all adds up! Its a total of $3000.00 I know it is a lot but it incudes a bunch of things your airfair , food hotel , transprotation for all my training sessions for ppl to help work with me!  
hair and make-up, photographers and more!  
There are also 2 different kinds of special bennifets if any buinsess is willing to help me with $15,00.00 or $750 in small payments until the end of July your buinsess will be andvertised in The Miss Canada Globe book. $1500.00 is a half page ad and $750 is a quater ad. So far I only have a little over $300 and its not looking too good right now because my second deposit is over due of $540! I need to rasie 27,00.00 more! Also any buinsess or people that are willing to help me sponsor/ donate, or pledge me $50 and over will be getting a tax receipt at the end of the pageant for claming on your next years income tax or any other expenses you have! I need all the help I can get for this special event every kind of money donation adds up and counts!  
Also I was thinking about doing a Bud Spud and a bake sale too in May I will need a bit of help with it and people committing to help get a little bit involed, if anyone can help me with that too that will be greatly appreciated!  
I am looking forawrd and have my heart set on taking part in Miss Canada Globe Petite.  
I will be running between August 11th to 22nd. If anyone is willing to help me in anyway I would apreciate that I only have $300.00 so far and my second small portion deposit is $545 at the tail end of this month! I cant do this without you!  


4/25/2011 1:33:59 PM
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Apr 2007
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check your inbox

just sent you a pm.


4/27/2011 12:15:44 AM
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May 2009
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Be Careful

From personal experience in this pageant, the $3000 does not include your airfare so budget for an extra $600 or so for your flights. Although it is not stated in the booklet, when you arrive they also expect you to pay for your hotel stay during training week which is $150. The photographers will charge you an extra $70 as well. Businesses will often give discounts on your gowns but those will add up, as well as your bathing suits and business suit if you don't have one. Overall it was a pretty interesting experience and I learnt alot, however the pageant staff are without a doubt in it for the money and it becomes very costly so just be careful.  
P.S: If you don't make your $3000 they don't reimburse what you have given them already. Private message me if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them for you.


5/12/2011 8:48:41 PM
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Apr 2011
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Thank you

CindyDun Thank you for helping Aleca out and giving her advice. She does have a wish regarding her pageant listed on the wish board.  
Aleca is getting pounded on her wish. I hope someone who has been through it could possibly help Aleca out with advice and sharing your own personal experiences regarding this pageant. Perhaps someone like you can help educate myself and the other "posters" who have torn Aleca down before she can even build herself up!  
If anyone can educate others on what this pageant you seem to be the best one. I hope you can share some of your experience with others and post it under Aleca's wish thread. I just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.


5/12/2011 11:07:38 PM
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Feb 2011
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With all due respect, I have read all 74 comments in your request in the Wishes thread and sure, it got very heated at times. I totally get Learning Disabilities. I worked with people with Learning Disabilities for quite some time in my career, so I am aware and sympathetic of the obstacles faced.  
I wonder why a pageant would cost this much. I know it seems legit, but it reminds me of the old modelling scam where you have to pay big bucks to enter.  
That combined with the fact that you were not able to answer any questions to people who were willing to donate. All they wanted to know is if their hard-earned dollars were going to benefit you, and you just yelled back at them.  
I wish you well, but I really don't think you have the social graces or even guidance from well-wishers in this area to handle any objections thrown your way. If you're to represent yourself and your cause, why blow up at people who just need answers if they wish to donate?  
I am sorry. I can't support this. Maybe others will, but you need to step up and answer questions from people who may have deep pockets willing to support you.  


5/12/2011 11:49:45 PM
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Feb 2011
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Your post is all about asking for money. Nothing about the pageant and what you are standing for or supporting. In reading the long-suffering Wishes thread for your wish, you want to help others with Learning Disabilities, but there is nothing about this in your initial post. It is all about how you can't work for it and YOU NEED MONEY!!!!  
Please, re-think this pageant until you can put together or even have assisted a written request (I understand your disability). A clear letter of a humble approach, instead of a defensive tone will help in a big way.  


5/13/2011 9:37:06 AM
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Jan 2011
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i can't help but think some people are jealous.

Music <3 xoxo

5/30/2011 3:39:29 PM
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Nov 2010
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well for Miss canada globe I have to get donations from buisnesses or the ppl that work for the buinsess or anyone in general for this BIG pageant its NOT something tghat i can work for myself and its explains it all on the list and i have paper work and comformation forms and pledge forms too i been everywhere and no one wants to help me I tried to thorw a bud spud but I got no one to come but who can i contact or get BIG connectiosn so i can get all the money donatiosn before August because the pageant is in the middle of August in Ontario, Toronto I REALLY am looking forward in running for this it means A LOT to me! But where can I get the right conenctiosn to get donatiosn and get help doing BIG fundriasers?

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