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Topic: Prince dead...
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4/21/2016 12:31:54 PM
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Mar 2016
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Prince dead...

Just heard Prince is dead. Bummer. Purple Rain was an awesome piece of art. RIP...


4/21/2016 12:47:38 PM
Member since:
Mar 2010
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such sad news :(

Prince was a musical genius.


4/21/2016 2:31:11 PM
Member since:
Aug 2013
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Prince was truly revolutionary

As a guy who helped even inspire how we text message (I would die 4u) the fashion, the Minnesota Sound and Paisley Park. He will be remembered, by me, for the best ever half-time show EVER.  


4/21/2016 2:44:13 PM
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Feb 2009
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57 is so young, really.  
Funny as a child there was a time I thought Michael Jackson and Prince were the same person.  
I am a fan of Prince's old stuff, some of my fave music was around his Purple Rain period. Cannot say I was a fan of his later works, just not my style.  
But he was always unique and he owned it.


4/21/2016 4:10:22 PM
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Nov 2007
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Great cover of a great song by a great lyricist - and a great way to say RIP PRN.


4/21/2016 9:17:55 PM
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Apr 2010
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CheapTrickz said "As a guy who helped even inspire how we text message (I would die 4u) the fashion, the Minnesota Sound and Paisley Park. He will be remembered, by me, for the best ever half-time show EVER.  

Thanks so much for sharing the video Cheap Trickz ! !  
So sad to hear he'said gone...


4/21/2016 10:13:16 PM
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Dec 2008
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Just seen a show on Much Music. I had nobodies he did 39 albums!


4/23/2016 8:42:45 AM
Member since:
Mar 2016
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Prince album

Anybody got a record player I can borrow? Found my old Purple Rain album!


4/23/2016 9:42:47 AM
Member since:
Aug 2011
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It is sad that he has passed. And it is downright disrespectful that a certain chain restaurant/lounge is trying to use his death as a marketing ploy. $11 for a "purple rain" drink one day after his death!

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