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Topic: Screen writers talent
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10/1/2018 10:39:54 PM
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Nov 2010
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Screen writers talent

I wonder when I see “new” movies and TV shows have all the screens retired????  
More and more redo of successful shows from the past.  
There is so many to name that it is a shame.  
One of the newest is Magnum. Now really Higgins replacement. No one could replace the original actors.  
Screen writers everywhere get off your lazy butts and invent new shows both TV and movies.  
Perhaps they will rewrite Bambi but won’t allow any hunting as that would be traumatic for the kids.


10/2/2018 8:25:58 AM
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Jan 2011
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sounds to me

Like you should pick up a paper and pen and write your own show if you have such a strong opinion about writers these days.


10/2/2018 9:29:02 AM
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Nov 2010
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Sarcasm alive and well

No opinion from someone just sarcasm.  
I don’t make $100000 a movie on a rewrite or reboot. Or what is called “cash grabs”. Old Movies that money due to original talent and great actors made money. Classic films.  
A few from 2018 Remakes may be a bit later but intended to come out in 2018  
Scarface 1983.  
The Crow 1994  
The Wolf man 1941, 2010. And now again.  
Overboard 1987  
The invisible man. 1933.  
A star is born. 1954, 1976 and now again.  
Only ones I have to say I never tire from watching are Godzilla movies! Keep them coming.

kerry auriat

10/3/2018 9:30:53 PM
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Nov 2007
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Here’s the thing

Big networks and studios are highly reluctant to throw tons of cash at new - stars, programs, etc. It’s cheaper and easier to recycle,


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