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Topic: Abuse of hockey officials
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3/1/2018 9:44:11 AM
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Oct 2016
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Abuse of hockey officials

Curious what peoples thoughts are on this. Is it still happening lots? I've had many situations this year whether it be coaches, fans or players that I've had to deal with. Not so sure I want to ref anymore.


3/1/2018 9:57:17 AM
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Jul 2009
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I don't blame you. I have been a peewee games where the parents of these kids yell and swear at the refs. They are little kids for f&%*$ sakes. They are not going to make the nhl........ It also shows the kids how to act as well. So when they are bigger they do the same thing. Its really disgusting if you ask me. I have stopped going to these games, because some of these parents are my friends. Its embarrassing that they act that way.


3/1/2018 10:06:00 AM
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May 2010
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I know where you are coming from. The #1 problem is coaches. If they yell at officials their young players think it is okay. If the coaches keep their cool and make it clear to the players that it is not going to be tolerated it would not happen. As far as parents there should be a meeting at the start of the season so parents know that yelling at referees and other team players will not be tolerated and have designated parents to remind them of this if it starts to happen.  
This does not happen as much in other sports and it is time for hockey teams, at all levels, to clean up their act with a few easy steps. Starting from the coach.


3/1/2018 10:13:51 AM
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Sep 2008
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not worth it.

Sometimes its just not worth the headache. This is coming form a former official it will never change until there is a massive overhaul of hockey Manitoba or there being a lack of officials. I was once told by a representative of hockey Manitoba after having an argument with a coach that we need to treat disrespect with respect...  
Nothing boils my blood more then hearing someone tell me this. How about they step up and start holding coaches accountable for their actions. If a coach needs to be kicked out of a minor hockey game suspend him.  
Just look at the recent incident near Winnipeg where the RCMP had to escort a coach out of the rink,. Hockey Manitoba handed the guy a 5 game suspension how is that even considered a legit consequence for his actions. If the RCMP need to be involved because the coaches actions are that out of line a guy like that shouldn''t be coaching hockey.  
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3/1/2018 10:22:11 AM
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Oct 2016
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Frustrating to say the least.

Yes the old, answer disrespect with respect, what a joke.  
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3/1/2018 3:35:40 PM
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Jul 2013
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Bad examples!

I hear about this kind of behaviour all the time and it's sad that adults act the way they do and set such a bad example for young people. Is there an organization that all the refs belong to? If not you should all be getting together and refusing to ref unless something is done about the disrespect. There is power in numbers!


3/1/2018 3:36:56 PM
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Oct 2011
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Kids see coaches yelling at refs, and parents yelling at refs and then they see that as being ok to yell at refs  
Hockey Manitoba(Brandon) needs to overhaul this. My grand kids play minor hockey in Brandon and it seems like the tail wagging the dog in my opinion


3/1/2018 6:56:22 PM
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Jun 2005
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not sure

For the past few years, I've been to some of my cousins female midget hockey games. For the most part, the parents were pretty good and just liked watching good hockey cheering for both teams.  
There's been a few games which the refs had clearly dropped the ball in blatantly not calling penalties, calling some very soft penalties and had no real consistency in what was called or no called. The one game I went to in Portage last year, the refs came fairly close of losing control of the game and some of the parents were fairly vocal about the non calls. Both coaches weren't exactly happy campers either.  
I know some games, there's video of the game posted on YouTube, mainly for the players to watch themselves and watch their opponents etc. I wonder if Hockey Manitoba watches them and make suggestions to the refs. To the good refs, keep up the good work.


3/2/2018 6:01:10 AM
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Jun 2017
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How much does a ref make at these games?

Is it something they're doing for "expenses" or is it a job?


3/2/2018 8:05:50 AM
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Oct 2016
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MrDobalina said "Is it something they're doing for "expenses" or is it a job? "

It’s generally between $20 and $50 depending on what age group it is. We certainly aren’t getting rich.  
I do agree some times reffing is bad. We all have bad days/bad games. However, there’s rarely a game that goes by that someone isn’t yelling at us. You’ll never make everyone happy. Myself, I never want to affect the outcome of a game. But if I have to call a penalty in the last 5 min of a tie game, you can bet on it I’m getting yelled at.


3/3/2018 12:37:43 PM
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Apr 2013
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Don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s your type of fan/parent/coach that causes the loss of officials.  
You stated that the refs nearly lost control of the game. That is very incorrect, the coaches from both teams nearly lost control is the correct statement.  
When there is a lack of discipline from the coaches, that’s when things get out of control.  
This is MINOR hockey, not the NHL, or junior for that matter. The officials are not professional, they do not spend hours upon hours in training, they are learning at this level. With the loss of officials, most times an inexperienced official is put into games that they are not ready for. Because it’s either that or the game can not be played.... what would you rather see?  
I know it sucks when an offside is missed or a penalty is missed, but it happens, life goes on, nobody dies.  
A good coach will learn from how the official calls the game (be it consistent or not) and adapt his players to the situation. The bad coaches will scream with the hope they will sway the official to call something there way. This leads to the players becoming frustrated, thus causing them to be undisciplined and causing a game to get out of hand. It’s a snowball effect...  
I ask if you have ever officiated any sport? The answer is probably no, as with 75% of coaches/fans, guess what group the people come from who blame the officials when there team doesn’t win???


3/3/2018 3:06:12 PM
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Apr 2016
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I think a bit of yelling is a part of the game. Fans get emotional especially if it's a tie game or a blowout. Sometimes I feel the refs are biased to some teams.  
However, Swearing is too much. A simple comment like: "Come on". or "He hardly touched him". Is not abuse though.


3/3/2018 4:32:16 PM
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Dec 2017
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Stop the game, disqualify the team do to the rude unacceptable behaviour in the stands.  
The referees have the power to do so and should do it regularly and soon the parents and fans will toe the line.  
They will have No choice but to keep there potty mouths shut or their kids and the team will pay the cost.


4/11/2018 11:34:50 PM
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Jun 2011
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Have you ever

been to a hockey game where the parents are more interesting than the game? I used to watch the parents in certain games and it's quite interesting on who you see making an *** out of themselves. I used to see coaches talking to parents about their conduct at games....and that is what should be done or banned from the games. I think officials should ban more parents from games.


4/12/2018 8:38:44 AM
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Jan 2014
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ok fairly new hockey mom here

My child has played rec hockey for 2 seasons now. I have not really witnessed any bad behaviour from coaches or parents. I guess we have just been lucky to attend games/rinks where it hasn’t happened.  
Maybe you are taking it to personal? Parents are passionate about the game and it shows. We have witnessed some really bad calls and it’s cost our kids the game. We definitely talk badly about the ref and the bad calls- not gonna lie. I don’t yell though and the ref will never actually hear my dissatisfaction.  
You will never make everyone happy. It’s unfortunately part of the job. Can you not give a warning to the coaches/parents that they will be kicked out.

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