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Topic: Composite decking. Good idea or Bad idea?
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4/15/2018 9:22:28 PM
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Apr 2017
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Composite decking. Good idea or Bad idea?

We want to build a new deck this summer but are having some trouble figuring out what materials to use for deck boards. Really like the idea of composite because there is little to no maintenance involved besides light cleaning: but have read a ton of horrible reviews online about them shrinking and/or warping over time. Does anybody out there have a composite deck they’ve had for a while now? Are you having a good or bad experience with them? What brand did you use, where did you buy the materials?  
Also have a similar dilemma regarding the railing. Want to go with aluminum railing but are having trouble figuring out if we want glass panels or pickets. Do you have glass panels and how much cleaning do they really require in any given year?  

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just the dude

4/15/2018 9:29:43 PM
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Jun 2011
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Keep it simple..

Composite boards are expensive...and very hot on bare feet.  
Keep with picket railing.


4/16/2018 6:19:15 AM
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Oct 2009
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composite and glass are my vote

I wish we had done composite decking, if you have room in your budget do it. My in laws have it and it’s beautiful. We also did a combo of glass and pickets on our deck. I rarely clean the glass, only if a bird poops. The rain keeps it clean all summer!


4/16/2018 6:40:35 AM
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Dec 2010
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Go composite

The previous owner of our house had replaced the deck boards and railing with composite and aluminum railing. What he didn't do was replace the non-pressure treated sub frame of the deck. So 10 years later I ended up removing the composite decking and replacing all the framework underneath. As I removed the boards, I laid them all out in their proper order on the lawn for re-installation. The boards themselves were still in great shape, despite the rotten frame underneath. I put them back again, and the deck serves on. Re-installed the same aluminum railing as well.  
Only issue we have had with either is that the railing paint has flaked off on some of the sections.  
The composite is well worth the extra money if you are in your forever house. As you get older you will appreciate not having to rebuild your deck every decade or two, or having to stain it. But if you are in a job that you have to move every 5 years, then you might want to re-evaluate the cost. Personally, I wouldn't use anything but the composite.  
I may well go to the glass railing when I decide I can't stand the flaking paint anymore.

Heather H

4/16/2018 7:24:53 AM
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Nov 2009
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Next home we build will be composite decking! Will have to check prices out !!


4/16/2018 8:03:45 AM
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Apr 2018
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Our neighbors

Built a composite deck and after shopping around for cost, they drove to the States and picked up all their supplies. They saved a lot of money. I believe they went to Menards. Composite is great but can be very hot from the sun and slippery after a rain.  
As for the railing, instead of picket or glass, try wrought iron. It has a nice feature with the bends and curves.


4/16/2018 4:13:02 PM
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Aug 2011
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all the way. We did this even for the railing. Went to menards for our supplies, a fraction of the cost here. That was almost 9 years ago still looks new and we do not find it hot or slippery.


4/16/2018 4:21:31 PM
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Oct 2017
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composite decking

I’m a landscaping contractor and the cost of composite deck material is at least 3x the cost of pressure treated material. The labour cost is pretty even.


4/16/2018 4:41:35 PM
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May 2010
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Another idea

Sent you a PM.


4/16/2018 5:38:10 PM
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Aug 2008
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composite is definately a really good option for the long run. The only thing is that if your deck is on the west side, you will get the hot sun baking the deck.. which will cause the deck to be hot of feet. Having said that, even regular pressure treated wood has the same effect.


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