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Topic: Kid-friendly, grass-free landscaping ideas
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4/15/2018 9:35:36 PM
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Jul 2017
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Kid-friendly, grass-free landscaping ideas

I have a large area in my backyard that I cannot get grass to grow in. It's on the north side of my house, with a large tree that shades the area, so it is not sunny at all.  
Over the past several years, I have tried grass seed (both in the spring and fall) and sod. It's always been prepared properly, watered religiously, and fenced off so there is no traffic on it. But it still won't take.  
I am tired of having open dirt and mud, so I'm looking for kid-friendly (two kids under 5), dog-friendly, grass-free ideas that are not super expensive. I had little rocks and mulch in one of my flowerbeds that my kids and dog slowly spread through the yard, so those are not options that will work for us. The area will be played and ran on.  
Any ideas?


4/15/2018 10:27:21 PM
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Jul 2011
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Livingstone landscaping

They had various kinds at the home show!


4/15/2018 10:28:18 PM
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Jul 2011
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The dog one I was looking at, though they were all pet friendly was $1.85 a square foot.


4/16/2018 9:09:09 AM
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Aug 2010
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What if you dug a hole and put a trampoline in one area? Could do rock that is suitable for a dog run so it does not hurt the paws.I am not sure of the cost however.


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