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Topic: Rockin the Fields@ Mdsa.
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10/4/2018 4:13:38 PM
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Feb 2011
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Rockin the Fields@ Mdsa.

PLEASE..does anyone know who won the battle of the bands at RFM? I really liked Bloodshot!


10/4/2018 5:38:59 PM
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Apr 2015
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the winner

Was Wreckin’ So. All of the bands were very good though


10/5/2018 8:21:58 AM
Member since:
Oct 2008
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Wreckin So

won it and I really liked Prairie Whiskey as well


10/5/2018 8:31:02 AM
Member since:
May 2011
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Wreckin So are opening for Default at the keystone.  
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10/6/2018 6:01:08 PM
Member since:
Feb 2011
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Rockin the Fields@ Mdsa.

Thank you so much, i wasn`t there but watched it on WCGtv @ channel 12. Really loved Bloodshot!


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