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10/12/2018 11:16:59 AM
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Mar 2016
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Local fishing

Hello. I have a friend coming to Brandon for the weekend. I was wondering if anyone knew the status of fishing at Oak Lak or Rivers. Good, slow, non-existent? He has a boat. Thanks!

Fishin Guy

10/12/2018 2:47:59 PM
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Dec 2005
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Haven't been out lately. Rivers is super low. I was hitting bottom launching a few weeks ago. Oak Lake might be better except it might be green like pea soup from the algae.


10/12/2018 3:03:56 PM
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Mar 2016
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Thanks for the info!

I figured it might not be great around Brandon.


10/12/2018 3:57:53 PM
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Nov 2012
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Willing to travel?

Willing to take a small drive? Tokaryk lake should be good this time of year.  
Could also head down south turtle mountain way, I think it's Adam lake that my friends were having great bass fishing.  
Dauphin lake...  
Waterhen (bit farther)...  
Rossman lake...  
I'd probably avoid rivers and oak lake right now.


10/13/2018 4:46:06 AM
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Oct 2013
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Fishin Addict

If a guy went to Tokaryk next week, what would he be using, spoons, small crankbaits, crawlers, etc.? Thanks


10/13/2018 9:12:00 PM
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Feb 2009
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Best is rapala…. rainbow trout type  
best spoon is 5 of diamonds or any silver type  
best spinner is a mepps fury  
best flies..lots-  
minnow type streamers  
worms or dead minnows also work if fishing from shore


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