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Topic: Please get out the plowx and sanding trucks
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11/7/2018 7:58:50 AM
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Jan 2012
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Please get out the plowx and sanding trucks

My husband was almost involved in two accidents on the way to work. The snow has pretty much stopped now and people need to get about safety.


11/7/2018 8:12:02 AM
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Jul 2005
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drive to the conditions, watch the people around you.  
The snow has just stopped, give the plows a chance. Even if they are out, who says they will be on your husband's route?  
I am sure they will be up and running soon.


11/7/2018 12:33:13 PM
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Apr 2009
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Contact the City of Brandon

Public works department. The city does not own Ebrandon, nor respond to inquiries through it. There is also a snow clearing map on their website according to zone. For questions, complaints or inquiries, contact them at:  
Operational Services Division  
Public Works Department  
Civic Services Complex  
900 Richmond Avenue East  
Brandon, Manitoba  
R7A 7M1  
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  
Phone: (204) 729-2285  
Fax: (204) 729-2485  
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11/7/2018 1:08:20 PM
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Mar 2005
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Don’t remember where it was but I did see a truck out this AM. Hopefully they make it to your neck of the woods soon, definitely quite slippery especially on less driven streets!

Just saying...

11/7/2018 4:05:17 PM
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Sep 2010
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Plows and sanding trucks?

Good luck! With the wet and freeze/thaw sort of Fall we had the City didn''t even get the leaves off. This is making for a semi-frozen rotten-leaf, puddle, skating rink on my street. Oh, I did see a grader working the back lanes though. Insert face palm here!  
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Devils hockey

11/7/2018 4:09:08 PM
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Jan 2013
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Sanding truck

I have seen the sanding truck out all over the place today and even last night.


11/7/2018 5:21:30 PM
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Sep 2009
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They were plowing the sidewalk on Richmond and around the keystone all that did was take what little bit of snow there was off the ice making it slippery at least with the snow there was some traction


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