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Topic: 2010 grand caravan suspension noise
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11/9/2018 12:11:52 AM
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Oct 2017
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2010 grand caravan suspension noise

Ok so I’m hoping that someone else on ebrandon had this problem or may know what it could be . So I have a dodge caravan 2010 . We put quick struts in the front and shocks and springs in the rear . About 2 weeks later we started hearing a rattle in the rear . I sat In the back and narrowed it down to the driver side rear . We took it in and was told there is nothing wrong . It still rattles . So my question is has anyone else had this problem or have an idea as to what it could be . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading .


11/9/2018 9:40:49 AM
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Apr 2005
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The nuts on the shock are not tightened enough leaving just enough play to make the noise. Had the same problem with a GM It may seem tight enough when you try to move it by hand but isn't.


11/9/2018 12:19:33 PM
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Mar 2017
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Sway bar links...

Check the sway bar links Dodge Caravans are famous for having them go bad. They aren't that expansive and fairly easy to change. My In-Laws had a Caravan and they had to change them twice inside of five years. I replaced them myself for them with good suspension parts, and it's still wore them out.

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