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Topic: How did you know, Moms.
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3/6/2012 3:02:37 PM
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Feb 2012
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How did you know, Moms.

Just a question for the moms out there.. What were your earliest signs/symptoms of pregnancy?


3/6/2012 3:05:59 PM
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Aug 2011
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My ankles

My ankles swelled up a bit. Not a lot, but enough to make getting an anklet on etc a bit harder, and it was immediate, long before a pregnancy test. That was my sign.


3/6/2012 3:10:18 PM
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Apr 2007
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besides the missed period? lol

for me it was increased appetite, I just wanted to eat all the time.


3/6/2012 3:11:48 PM
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Oct 2009
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My boobs really hurt, I got hot flashes and was really thirsty


3/6/2012 3:13:36 PM
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Feb 2012
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Haha. I have thee most irregular period! I never know if it's coming or going.  
I just wanted to see if I'm going crazy. I know the obvious signs.. But something small like 'my ankles slightly swelled' I wouldn't have thought of. Good to know!


3/6/2012 3:32:24 PM
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Oct 2008
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I wanted to eat were pickles. It was actually the only thing I could eat and keep down. I ate 3 plates of pickles and my husband looked at me and said "your pregnant"


3/6/2012 3:38:10 PM
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Apr 2010
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With my first, my boobs hurt. A lot.  
With both pregnancies, I slept on my stomach for the first couple of months. That's the only time I've ever slept that way, and that's how I knew I was pregnant the second time!


3/6/2012 3:39:48 PM
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Mar 2009
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pickles for me too! I've already gone through about 3 jars in the last 2 weeks. :O I even have a jar stashed at work!  
Other signs for me were extreme tiredness, regular nausea, irritability, the usual stuff...  
Have you taken a test yet or no? I just got a few from dollerama and eventually after 3 positive tests I went to the clinic for an "official" test. I just "felt" pregnant though, so I knew anyways.


3/6/2012 3:44:54 PM
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Oct 2008
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With my first I also had the weirdest cravings. It was like 10:30 at night and I wanted A&W off hubby and I went to A&W to get chicken. Got home...started eating it and got sick. I had a major poultry aversion with all 3 of mine.  
With my 2nd I got up in the middle of the night and got sick. Right then I knew that I was  
My 3rd I felt pregnant.


3/6/2012 3:52:29 PM
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Aug 2010
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I'm 15 weeks, I found out I was at 8 weeks. My chest was extrememly sore but i thought it was just due to time of the month being near, cause I have always been irregular. However, on boxing day my hubby came home really sick with the flu and three days later I couldnt stop getting sick I would eat a carrot and get sick it was bad. So I dealt with getting sick for about a week all i could keep down was cheez whiz and mcdonalds yup pretty gross. I went to the walk in cause i couldnt stand being so sick and I Saw a female dr. I had been having severe cramps that would actually wake me up in the middle of the night so she felt my tummy and told me immediately that we needed to do a urine test and BAM it said it was pregnant. I had no idea thought i had the flu so best suggestion go to a dr. Cause you never know.


3/6/2012 3:57:03 PM
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Jul 2009
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I didn't have any clue either time until a test.


3/6/2012 4:00:08 PM
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Apr 2013
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my first - my boobs hurt really bad and I missed a period  
my second - I felt extremly sick and puked all the time. I couldnt go down the bread aisle at any store without puking.  
my 3rd - i felt pregnant. and my appetite increased greatly


3/6/2012 4:01:44 PM
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Sep 2007
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The first time, I felt hot and tired. That didn't last long, though.  
For most of mine I felt slightly sick at first, then after a couple of days, really sick. I usually could not eat or drink much. At the start, I usually asked my husband, do you think I am? I just needed confirmation that it seemed unusual. I thought so, but wanted to hear it from someone else too. He always smiled and said yes. He was always right.  
The last time, it was that, & then eating this or that (with the cravings) like crazy. Kind of strange for me, but they say each one has its differences.  
Yeah, the fried chicken craving is a nasty one. You HAVE to have it (and usually at 10:30 lol), and then you pay for it later. Every time.  
A side note: If you are craving salty foods, you are eating too much sugar. Cut down on your sugar and you will also find that you will not crave the salty things as much. For one of mine, I ate jars and jars of olives until I remembered that. When I cut my sugar back, I didn't want any more olives. It is all about balance. If your body needs something or has too much of something, it will let you know through various cravings. If you had too high of a salt intake, you would crave sweets. If you are craving seafood, you are most likely needing something that it provides as far as vitamins and/or minerals. It can be interesting doing the sleuthing to find out what your body needs.


3/6/2012 4:14:33 PM
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Sep 2010
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Different with each one, but dizziness/light-headedness, cold and shivery (is that a word?), exhausted, and spinny, lol, like a few of my brain cells just died!


3/6/2012 4:16:07 PM
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Feb 2012
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Thank you ladies! This has definitely been fairly helpful.  
The last few weeks I've had crazy insomnia, and usually I cannot sleep enough. I got a yeast infection last week. I'm late, though I'm not sure how much. Usually I get it with about a week to go in the month, or so, but I am very irregular. I'm on a fairly strict diet - spring break is approaching you know! But he last ten days or so I've been craving EVERYTHING. I kept telling myself it was because I never let myself indulge, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder. I don't have any morning sickness, or sickness at all for that matter. I am always thirsty, though, and aaaalways feeling dehydrated. My breasts aren't sore, but I think they are a little swollen. My bras have been veryyy uncomfortable for the last week or so. My feet and hands are also always cold, and very sensitive.  
I haven't taken a test, but tonight I will. I've been psyching myself out. I'm nervous, and not prepared, but everything happens for a reason. I may not be pregnant at all, just having some unusual pre-menstrual symtoms.  
Regardless. Thanks again!


3/6/2012 4:20:00 PM
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Sep 2008
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Having to pee more often! The first few weeks I even had to get up at night to pee, and pee a lot too! Every pregnancy..  
Also feeling tired, blah, zapped of energy and motivation!  
Also sore boobs, but found that started about 6 weeks or so, same as the puking.. Haven't been sick with every pregnancy but when I have been it starts at 6 weeks.  
I also swear I can feel something going on in my lower abdomen.. Like a little bloating.. Probably is just that but feels different.  
I can always tell, and have always known when I have been pregnant before a test is even possible, been right everytime!


3/6/2012 4:42:21 PM
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Jun 2011
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that was easy i was only two weeks when I found out from the doctors because i was not late yet. and it was because the smell of food cooking made me sick plus I was sick to my stomic for 2 days in a row in morning and everytime someone had food near me. I also was very light headed which is not good.  
I have 2 kids and that was the longest 9 months for me since i could hardly eat anything or be in same room as someone cooking food.  

What goes around...

3/6/2012 5:04:34 PM
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Oct 2009
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I wanted to sleep all the time, even if I wasn't tired and my sense of smell was insanely strong.


3/6/2012 6:34:56 PM
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Jan 2010
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Sounds crazy but I just knew I was pregnant with our little guy. My husband and I were just relaxing at home and I just had this feeling that we were pregnant so I quietly went and took a test and it was positive! Just walked into the living room and announced we were pregnant! We had just started trying so we were very surprised it happened so quickly but very very excited!


3/6/2012 7:15:22 PM
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Mar 2009
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With #1 - I was expecting it, so I just knew when my period was 1 day late.  
With #2 - forgot where I lived. That was my first tip-off (it was 2 days before my period was due).  
With #3 - I couldn't remember my married name for the life of me. I think that was the day before my period was due.


3/6/2012 7:23:28 PM
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Jun 2010
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1st one... couldnt stop throwing up  
2nd one couldnt eat ceaser salad and its my favorite  
3rd one boobs really hurt and wasnt able to fit my corset on the top part


3/6/2012 7:25:07 PM
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Dec 2009
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Big surprise

With my first I was over 3 months along when I saw the Dr. My period is so irregular that I don't even bother to keep track so that was not on my radar. I was so sick that I finally was persuaded to go see a Dr. by my Mother-in-law (retired in the medical field) who was convinced that I had ulcers or worse. Everyone was SHOCKED when they found out.  
With my second I suspected right away. I remembered having the worst metallic taste in my mouth and when I started to taste it again I knew. It tasted like I had a mouth full of dirty pennies. If I never taste that again it will be too soon!

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