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Topic: Best Area To Live in the City
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3/19/2012 12:12:14 AM
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Feb 2011
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Best Area To Live in the City

My wife and I are planning on relocating within the city and were hoping to hear from the general populous about which neighborhood you think is the best to live in, and why. Brandon Is known nationwide for having outrageous taxes, so unless one buys a dumpy fixer upper, there's no escaping it!  
So let's hear it. Who has the best neighborhood.


3/19/2012 12:59:14 AM
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Mar 2005
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this thread will be good

This will be good.  
I am sure someone will go almost block by block when it ends.  
I guess it may end up being your version of best.  
Is it a a area where you are comfortable with people keeping to themselves? Is it a area where it is a true community spirit?? What about if its a area where yard care is at the top of ever ones minds??  
I can say this- If I was house shopping I would look at the eastend because I knew the area well. To this day it is loaded with kids. Look but buy?? No idea. I currently live in the South end and love the fact that in my area people look after their yards and the neighbours know each other!  
The west end and Waverly in particular seems to be a new go to area. What ever you choose though-- you should bring lots to the table for that area. Its people that make or break a area! Have fun on the search!  
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3/19/2012 1:10:33 AM
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Jul 2008
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Green Acres!!!

Lived here for almost all my life (19 years) and it's a great neighbourhood!


3/19/2012 1:44:14 AM
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Aug 2010
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you're looking for an area that is safer from vandalism and violence and usually loud music and partiers, check out the homes that are on the very outskirts or edge of Brandon. All areas are affected but most of it is on the inner core.  
As mentioned above, there are some very friendly neighborhood areas that are enjoyable as well.


3/19/2012 2:46:29 AM
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Feb 2011
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My Favourite..!!

We went on a Hayride from the Discovery Centre last winter into the housing area north of there and east of Mall.. !! The Driver called it a "Tour of Peasant Ville".. (His Joke).. !! The houses in that area were really nice.. Xmas lights and all..!! Talk about a friendly neighbor hood, almost in every second house someone would wave to Us..!!  
That area would be My vote for nice Housing and Friendly People..!!


3/19/2012 5:22:41 AM
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Jun 2010
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Where you live will depend on what you are willing to pay. First maybe say what is your upper limit you are willing to pay for a house then it will be easzier to give you areas that fall into your range


3/19/2012 6:12:53 AM
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Jan 2009
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East of 1st street in Green Acres is beautiful. Applewood, Basswood, Cottonwood, etc.  
The few roads around Vincent Massey are beautiful, Cherry, Almond, McDiarmid, etc.  
2nd to 4th street North in the 1000 and 1100 blocks.  
Check them out.  


3/19/2012 7:58:03 AM
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Mar 2011
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I leave in the center of Brandon, south of Victoria Avenue. I love it!!!! Neighbours are friendly, houses and lawns are very well taken care of. There is an elementary school around the corner, and Neelin High School is a short walk away. Superstore is a short 2 block walk and it only takes 5 minutes to walk to downtown. It's a very quiet area. And the best of all? The best is all the character houses in the core of Brandon. Love my character home. For the most picturesque tour of Brandon, I just have to step out my door and start walking. Great area!  
If you want a big, beautiful, old, character home I'd say buy in the core.


3/19/2012 8:03:35 AM
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Dec 2011
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westend end. canada cres rocks

Spook the Raccoon

3/19/2012 8:09:41 AM
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Sep 2009
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Willowdale represent.  


3/19/2012 8:12:04 AM
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Dec 2011
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iSpook the eRaccoon said "Willowdale represent.  



3/19/2012 8:32:33 AM
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Sep 2009
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West siiiiide!  
Sorry, couldn't help myself  
I like the North Hill.


3/19/2012 8:35:17 AM
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Aug 2010
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Green Acres is the place to be..


3/19/2012 8:39:06 AM
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Nov 2011
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I would say

any where west of 26th


3/19/2012 9:01:20 AM
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Mar 2009
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We're in Riverheights, we "accidently" landed here when we moved to Brandon six years ago and quite love it (and moved from a 1/2 duplex to a single-family in that timeframe too). My only beef with it is the rail line (noise) but it has nice parks, etc. I don't think there's too many places in town where the rail line noise isn't at least a bit of an issue, as we can still hear the CN line that runs through the middle of town from where we are, in addition to the CP main.  
We recently looked at houses around town as we were thinking about moving (we're not, we decided we prefer to stay where we are), but some of the nicest areas we've seen:  
- around the Vincent Massey area (Almond, etc)  
- around Valleyview (Clarke drive, etc)  
- University (especially around the 300 block, roughly 26th thru about 13th)  
- Green Acres  
Of course, you pay more for all of those. There are other areas that are nice and that you pay a lot less.


3/19/2012 9:02:32 AM
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Dec 2011
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Windinthetrees said "Green Acres is the place to be.. "

just that one setence reminded me of song. what was the next line? think it`s: high living is the place to be..... and Arnaold ziffel......


3/19/2012 9:05:25 AM
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Feb 2011
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West End

Thanks for all of the response!!! Sounds like people  
Here love their neighborhoods!! There are so many things to consider when buying such as resale, flood potential, etc. My wife and I love to drive around ad just look and see if we can picture ourselves in that area.  
We really like the west end areas like Cherry, Juniper, and Wilnor. Wilnor is perfect and absolutely gorgeous!!! A park setting in the centre of the bay for our small child to play in! But houses in these areas do not come up for sale very often! Someone asked what type of budget we have. Honestly, if we like it, we will buy it. So there is no set in stone budget.


3/19/2012 9:06:35 AM
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Jun 2011
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bought just off of brookwood on aurora crescent. I personally enjoy it. tons of houses for sale, the guy who built my house builds then sells. a lot of young families here. and I've never hwad problems with loud music or anything. is very expensive though. not sure what your price range is.


3/19/2012 9:30:40 AM
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Sep 2010
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green acres

agree with the others who say green acres. we live on first so we arent quite "In" green acres but my fiance's family does and its a nice little area. i have a daycare(there napping :p) and we go for walks down that way all the time and its so quiet!  
there is also a spray park and playground on first down past richmond that is really good. there are two elementary schools nearby and one is french immersion and then crocus high school is on first as well. there is also a centre daycare plus a few home daycares in the area if you need that. not too sure if there are any homes for sale in the area right now. i havent seen any for sale signs that i can think of right now...maybe one on queens?? i cant remember.  
good luck and have fun house hunting!!


3/19/2012 9:39:33 AM
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Jan 2009
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My opinion

What is important? Newest or highest value homes, mail delivery to your door, mature lots, proximity to shopping, elementary or high school.  
If you are only looking for the newest neighborhoods, your options are Waverly, Kirkaldy Heights, Evergreen Place and Brookwood. The lots are newer, and the neighborhoods are baron without mature trees. There are some "older" properties around those areas with mature lots. Both Waverly and Kirkaldy are close to elementary schools. Kirkaldy typically has lower taxes than Waverly, and is close to the Corral Shopping Centre and Sportsplex. It had a scare last year with the historical flood, but the homes were not damaged and the chances of that kind of flood happening again are said to be one in every 300 years.  
Those neighborhoods have less mature lots, and do not have mail delivery to your door. If you want those two features: older, higher value, well maintained homes that are located in the areas of Vincent Massey (Juniper, Cherry, Hemlock, Cedar, Almond and Balsam Crescent) and some of the neighborhoods in the Valleview area (Clark Drive is stunning in the summer). Proximity to both an elementary and high school make some of these neighborhoods the most valuable. There are even grander homes on the animal bays (Elk, Jaguar, Fox, etc) but those are located beside the train tracks. If you don't mind the noise of the trains, you can't beat some of the views and privacy.  
My favorite area in Brandon is Oak Bluff. Some of those properties lost their isolated privacy with the new development to the north. The homes of the fringe of Oak Bluff might expect more development around them in the years to come. You can build a new home in the new development, but the wind is a factor, and you will be surrounded by construction.  
Those are the neighborhoods that I think are the nicest, furthest from neighborhoods/properties that are not as well kept and better chance of respectful neighbors. Unfortunately, you can have a bad neighbor anywhere. In the newer neightborhoods, you'd have to deal with many spoiled teenagers who have parties when their parents go away for the weekend, and who drive like they're in the Indy 500.


3/19/2012 9:41:57 AM
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Jul 2010
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Love Wilnor Bay

I live on Wilnor Bay and I grew up here too. When a chance came to move back to my old neighborhood we jumped. It's so close to both Waverley Park school and Vincent Massey. Great park and playgrounds, super neighbors and a nice quiet relaxing place to live. There are two homes for sale on my street right now and a few others in the Waverley neighborhood. We've been living here two years now and I think everyday how lucky we are. I spent 10 years living here in the 80's/90's as well. Love it!


3/19/2012 9:49:07 AM
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Oct 2011
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Best Areas

I am a big fan of established areas with trees. Saying that we currently live in Green Acres and absolutely love it! We are a young family so the fact that there are elementary schools, parks and daycare right near us is a bonus. Our neighbours are friendly without being over bearing and most people on our block take wonderful care of their homes. We don't experience loud noise or partying (every once and a while in the summer but hey we're all guilty of having too much fun once and a while). We feel very established here.  
Another neighbourhood I spent a lot of time in both as a child and in my late teens is the Valleyview area (Clement, Whillier, Clark). It is a well established place with a great mix of families (seniors, older couples, young couples and families). People take care of their yards and take pride in being friendly- some people have lived on the same block since the block was built! There is a park, an elementary school and the highschool is not far away. It is within walking distance to the grocery store. I know that there are a few houses there for sale at the moment.  
Good luck with your search!


3/19/2012 9:49:20 AM
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Oct 2011
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Winter Bay

i use to live in a home on winter bay, it's over by waverly park but not as expensive as the houses located next and around waverly school...  
it's a huge turn around loop so not very much traffic, friendly people, and if you don't like winter bay there's a bunch of area around it that's the same (but not as "bay-e" )  
loved it.


3/19/2012 10:02:10 AM
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Mar 2011
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East End or North Hill

I would say first, the east end, lower taxes, quick accessibility to everything (usually don't have to go past 10th Street unless you work further than there!!) Around the Rideau park is nice. Very mature area for yards/trees, etc. Close to hospital, Shopper's Drug Mart  
Or if you are looking at the North Hill area it is quite nice up by 2nd St. N and Kirkham, beautiful view of the city skyline in the morning, when the sun is coming up!! There happens to be 2 great houses for sale in that area right now!!  
Happy Hunting!!  


3/19/2012 11:24:01 AM
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Feb 2011
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West end "W's"

Willowdale, Winter, Wankling, etc...Nice quite area, lots of trees, kids, pets, friendly people!


3/19/2012 12:08:34 PM
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Mar 2012
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East End Proud!

We recently moved to Brandon and chose the East End and have been very happy with our choice! Quiet neighbourhoods north of Victoria Avenue!


3/19/2012 12:48:54 PM
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Sep 2011
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Green Acres

We live there have now for 4 years and we love it - there is a lot of families in the area so the kids always have friends to play with schools are close by - love it and would recommend it!  
Happy House Hunting


3/19/2012 1:10:57 PM
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Apr 2013
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if you have kids, have a vehicle to get to work, If you are a party person, a quiet person, need your space, like to garden etc... All of those factors and more would depend where you want to live.  
Drive around till you find where you like and move there. Thats what I did.


3/19/2012 1:24:42 PM
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Jan 2010
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West Side

West End For Life! lol  
Lived on McDiarmid for most of my life, but now Willowdale Cres Maybe we're neighbors spook! Def agree with the WestEnd W's all those "W" named streets have well-maintained houses, and it's quiet neighborhood, nice walking path and friendly people.  
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3/19/2012 1:33:45 PM
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Aug 2008
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Green Acres

was my favorite neighborhood when I lived in Brandon. Houses are a reasonable size, not too new/huge like the newer developments, plus the benefits of mature trees, lots of long-term residents, well-kept houses, etc. It's sort of on the outskirts so it's like its own little small town, quiet neighborhood. LOVE it and that is where I'd like to move especially if I didn't need a huge house.  

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