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1/24/2013 8:20:54 AM
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Oct 2012
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princess auto

When's the grand opening of their new store? And when is the closing out sale of their current?


1/24/2013 8:45:45 AM
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May 2010
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Mid feb

I think it should be proclaimed a national holiday. Actually any day at princes auto is a great day. I can't imagine life without one ha ha! We are truly blessed.


1/24/2013 8:55:20 AM
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Jul 2010
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Can't wait....

for the new boy's toy store to open, AND the grand opening deals!!!  
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1/24/2013 9:05:56 AM
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Apr 2010
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My guess is summer...can't come soon enough...both the opening...& summer.


1/24/2013 9:38:49 AM
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Aug 2009
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I was in there the other day and asked when the new store opens and they said Feb. 5th.  
and Torn has heard March...a whole month apart! Guess we'll see soon enough??  
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Torn Rawks

1/24/2013 9:39:03 AM
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Jun 2010
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The people working on the new store (staying at a local hotel) said the opening is scheduled for March.


1/24/2013 10:03:22 AM
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Mar 2005
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Princess Auto

Building sure is looking sharp. Just had a chat with the store.  
The plan is for the new store to in fact open on February 5 (both stores will be closed on Feb 4th while they transition over). The more official Grand Opening would be a month later on March 5.  
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1/24/2013 11:34:45 AM
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Aug 2011
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yes Adam is correct with the dates. As for blow out sales, we are trying to sell off all our discontinued, display and winter items in the next week and a half at discounts up to 80% off. We thank all of our loyal customers for your patronage over the years and we are very excited for everyone to get their first look at the new store. It is very well laid out and the most advanced princess auto built to date.


1/24/2013 3:33:35 PM
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Jan 2009
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in Brandon will the new store be?


1/24/2013 4:30:13 PM
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Nov 2006
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Fish said "in Brandon will the new store be? "

East side of 18th Street, north of their present location, right beside the CAT dealer.

Jason Turner

1/24/2013 4:49:57 PM
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Jun 2010
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I hate Princess Auto...

Every time I go there I spend too much money! ;)


1/24/2013 6:20:48 PM
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Apr 2010
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Jason Turner said "Every time I go there I spend too much money! ;) "

You always manage to make me laugh Jason...thank you.  
Read the thread to my hubby...he's thrilled! I done even mind going to Princess Auto. I wonder around trying to figure out what the hell everything is while hubby


1/24/2013 6:33:21 PM
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Aug 2008
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now that they are going to have their new building, I hope they bring in more product to fill their shelves!

old soldier

1/24/2013 8:13:29 PM
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Nov 2009
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Thieves beware!!!

New store, "most up to date security" lots of cameras.  

Jason Turner

1/25/2013 2:15:50 AM
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Jun 2010
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Love the surplus area, it's like a garage sale for men.


1/25/2013 7:54:04 AM
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Feb 2011
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Looking forward

to the new digs. Likely it will be overstocked because there is so much demand for stuff. Can't wait to look at all the new lines and new products. And I thought I was broke BEFORE Christmas.....  


1/25/2013 10:09:54 AM
Member since:
Aug 2011
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Glad to hear everyone is excited, you won't be disappointed. We have some really cool displays like the air test bench that has one of every air tool we sell on display and they can all be tested. We will be working on marking down winter items again today, so stop by the old location one last time to get in on some early winter blow out deals!

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