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Topic: Sleep feeding 6 month old help!
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4/20/2017 9:36:38 PM
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Aug 2011
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Sleep feeding 6 month old help!

So my little guy is 6 months old and for the past almost 3 months I have to sleep feed him to have him sleep and to have him drink. Meaning he doesn't sleep on his own yet... and he will not drink while awake.  
Some things I read online says that baby might have silent acid reflux?  
It could be just association of the the two tasks together but I want to make sure. .. who/where can I find out if baby has this and what to do?  
Fyi... I have been given him formula for past 2 months....  
This is my second and so different from first one!!!


4/20/2017 11:04:49 PM
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Sep 2015
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my best advice:

Well, I'm on baby #3, and to me it just sounds like a phase. Around 6 months is another (yes...another lol) huge developmental age. At 6 months you can start feeding solids (its recommended to wait till 6months), so if you haven't already, you can start on some food if you are worried if he's getting enough nutrients, however even at that age they don't really pick much out of the food anyway, and still depend largely on formula or breastmilk, but his interest in food is most likely there. He also may be self weaning (my son did this at 8 months old) but 6 months may be too early for a that, depends on the baby, I suppose. I would suggest maybe try offering formula a different way, so if you do it warm, maybe try cold, or Luke warm, or put it in a sippy cup (my so got to the point where he refused the bottle and only wanted sippy cup, unless night feeding and my daughter only wanted to drink out of a cup, refused sippy cups or bottles) . At 6 months he is probably more alert about the world around him, and may not want to be bothered by eating, all my kids have gone through that stage. Or maybe it's the growth spurt , which happens at 6 months, and usually kids have different eating habits around that time as well which may increase appetite(like my daughter) or decrease it (like my son)... sorry this reply is really all over the place and probably isn't helping haha. I'd say, keep doing what your doing, keep offering it, maybe change it up a bit, and maybe bring it up with your doc the next time you see him. As the famous phrase says " this too shall pass", and nothing could be more true to motherhood haha keep up the good work, I'm sure this curve ball will end soon, and then another will come ha good luck!!


4/20/2017 11:07:45 PM
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Sep 2015
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So I kinda strayed from what I wanted to say lol I'd say go to your doctor to ask about silent reflux, or the ladies down at public health in the town centre. You may also want to try a different formula. He may not like the one you have, which is common.


4/21/2017 8:24:50 AM
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Aug 2011
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Yes I did have to try different types of formula. .. Similac and nestle were the only ones he would drink... it tried both and didn't notice any difference. He has started on solids. .. I will try soppy cup or even faster flow nipple or something... poor little has had also on and off colds for months now... could be a factor too....


4/23/2017 11:31:26 AM
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Oct 2010
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Weaning at 6 months is highly doughtful and should never be recommended formula or breastmilk is the sole nutrition until 1 or later (food before 1 is just for fun). Anyways sorry back to your question  
My baby also fed to sleep too for the first 5-6 months it does pass she is now 9 months and does not do this as often (she does only at night) we did take her to a dr and he said she had sleep associate disorder so ur baby is just used to the fact of eating and sleeping just need to break the habit. If you have anymore questions feel free to pm me

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