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Topic: Over the air HDTV.
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8/12/2017 12:29:14 PM
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Jan 2014
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Over the air HDTV.

Is anyone in Brandon receiving ota HDTV, and if so,what channels do you get and what are you using for an antenna?


8/12/2017 12:56:50 PM
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Jun 2005
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not really

Global is the only one that has a digital channel. It comes in really strong and imo, has a much nicer picture then one of the cable providers has on their 'HD' channel.  
CTV Winnipeg has no real plans of upgrading. It barely comes in at my place. What I can gather, they haven't really not for maintenance on their 'acquired' tower south of Brandon from the CKX days.


8/12/2017 6:56:00 PM
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Aug 2013
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If you are using a flat screen tv you can plug in your tv to your cable outlet and scan for cable tv and it will pick up any free previews and couple other channels that are just being picked up. You are not stealing cable when your tv picks these channels up as you dont have cable hooked up, its the receiver in the tv picking them up. If you are doing over the air use a indoor antenna facing kinda south west or near your window (ya have to slowly move it to get the pic clear) and then strip copper speaker wire and wrap the copper around a small area of the antenna and that will help bring in ctv. I get ctv and global both clear. Yes global is digital and way more clear but on the right angle with indoor antenna and copper speaker wire you can get ctv in pretty good. Ctv isnt always really clear as weather interferes or electronics near your tv etc. but I have my tv in the southwest corner with the antenna attatched with coaxal cable and facing the same direction near my window. I just got a weird looking indoor one. Do some research on indoor antennas and dont spend much on them either as its the speaker wire that helps alot and the direction of the antenna in general. If you just want ctv you can just strip the end of coaxal cable plug that copper end into your cable thingy in the back of your tv and hang the rest of the cable above towards the window or where ever it brings in the signal best. .

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