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Topic: Garage package cost
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10/2/2017 7:25:48 PM
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Jul 2008
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Garage package cost

My mom and dad are looking at getting a detached garage package. Does anyone have an idea of what a 26x26 or 28x28 garage would cost to complete including wiring, garage doors with openers, lighting, side doors, drywall and insulation, etc including concrete?  
Also, is it worth it to get in floor heat compared to having construction heaters to heat the garage?  
My mom is in a wheelchair for and for access in the winter, they need to get a garage done so that the wheelchair lift could be inside from the van.  
Any help would be appreciate. They are from Erickson and struggling to find contractors and packages to choose from.  
The completed garage with concrete price i:ncluded in a ball park figure is what they need to move ahead.  
If you know of any good contractors in the area, then feel free to leave a msg or their name.  
They are on a limited budglet to get this completed before the winder.  
Any information would be appreciated.

Fishin Guy

10/2/2017 10:32:10 PM
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Dec 2005
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Have you tried talking to the Heritage Co-op in Erickson? They would know some contractors. It is getting late in the year to be looking at pouring concrete. Any good contractor that isn't booked up with work makes me question how good they are. Usually there is a waiting list.


10/3/2017 8:37:41 AM
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good cheap and fast is hard to find  
as far as packages are concerned the local co-op usually has a good idea (or can complete a quote)for material costs, cement is around 2k without the labor and IDK about wiring ect as we do the work ourselves


10/3/2017 9:50:16 AM
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May 2010
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Sent you a pm with some info. Hope it helps!


10/3/2017 9:56:19 AM
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Apr 2009
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I don’t believe you have insurance if you use construction heaters to heat your garage. I know Hydro inspector told me I didn’t.


10/4/2017 6:37:30 AM
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Dec 2014
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Garage Package

Saw your discussion on ebrandon. Did you get someone to build that garage? Or answers at least? I just finished building a attached garage set up for a wheelchair lift. 36x40. Pretty big, high ceilings and more money than I would want to spend on a garage. If you have questions I can set you up with pricing personell from both Minnedosa and Erickson. My email is  
All the best  
Jacob Toews

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