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Topic: In Calgary small business support fee
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Black Star

10/6/2017 8:26:19 AM
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Oct 2009
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In Calgary small business support fee

So this am on news they reported that a restaurant is now charging 4% calling it small business support fee. How does everybody in Brandon feel about this? My first thought was that it is not the best way to do this. I think if they want more money then change their pricing. Then I thought the expense of changing menues would likely raise costs. Rising costs are charged to the customer.The restaurant says it is to help offset cost of rising minimum wage.


10/6/2017 10:50:38 AM
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Oct 2009
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paying wages

is the cost of doing business. Also, wages paid out can be claimed on the owners income tax as a business expense, which may result in lower net taxes for the owner. So, I maintain that this "small biz" fee is a cash grab, and I sure wouldn't recommend it as a way to win customers.


10/6/2017 11:52:38 AM
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Apr 2007
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last visit

If I went into a restaurant and saw that added to my bill, it would be the last time ever at that location.


10/6/2017 12:01:15 PM
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Jul 2005
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I will not be visiting any restaurants that charge that.


10/6/2017 5:54:38 PM
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Aug 2017
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It's 200% B.S.

Restaurant food is marked up to the hilt as it is. You throw an additional 4% tax in there kiss your regular customers goodbye... Unless they are well off with disposable income, however most people don't become well off by paying an extra 4% when a better deal can be found elsewhere.


10/6/2017 9:56:49 PM
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Nov 2010
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Hotels and Keystone in Brandon call it 15% (or maybe more now) gratuity on a catered event that is buffet style.  
Our experience: The one event at a hotel the prime rib was 45 minutes late and still red/ cold i.e. not cooked not even close to rare.  
Another catered event not mentioning where but half the food was so bad it ended up in the garbage cans.  
Upon complaining there was no compensation for quality or service and still charged the gratuity. Both events have moved out of Brandon. 150 - 200 people at each event.

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