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Topic: Oct 6 Incident at Superstore
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10/6/2017 3:52:50 PM
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Mar 2010
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Oct 6 Incident at Superstore

In the parking lot at the front of Superstore at 1:30pm October 6th, if you witnessed the incident between people in a white suv and a blue hatchback car can you please inbox me. Im looking for witnesses to this assault, just in case for future civil claim vs me.


10/6/2017 4:50:14 PM
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Jul 2010
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Did you check with superstore?. They may have got it on their camera


10/6/2017 5:22:10 PM
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Mar 2010
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I spent 1.5 hours in police station, and had to go straight to work after, so i havent had time .... good idea ill check into it thanks !! I have a couple witnesses but i would like more ... just in case. Thanks to anyone that can help.

This is Me

10/6/2017 6:36:48 PM
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Feb 2008
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Where was the security at Superstore parking lot? They should of been available to help you.


10/6/2017 7:00:44 PM
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Mar 2010
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Not today

I guess the security had the day off, superstore staff at click and collect witnessed it and actually told these other people to leave the lot asap. I was told by same staff, that security had the day off or they would have helped me.


10/6/2017 7:29:03 PM
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Mar 2009
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Day off???

Didn't they hire more than one guy?


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