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Archive for October, 2010
Friday, October 15, 2010

Westman Cares! Lottery Focuses on Family





     Don’t miss out on your chance to help support the new Western Manitoba Cancer Centre by purchasing a lottery ticket. The Brandon Regional Health Centre Foundation “Westman Cares” lottery is your opportunity to support bringing care closer to home for so many Manitobans.


     Many people in Westman and rural Manitoba will be using this facility and will need to stay for treatment; that’s why the Foundation has decided to dedicate the funds from this lottery towards another core project. Money from the lottery will go towards a new residence, a home away from home for cancer patients and their families.


     Val Karton is co chair of the lottery fundraiser for the Foundation, “We know there will be a lot of people from rural Manitoba using this facility. I think the fact that they know they will have a place to stay close to the centre, within walking distance will give them one less thing to worry about.”  She adds that, “Knowing family can stay with them and help them through a difficult time will also be a source of comfort for them.”


     The residence will be private accommodations similar to a hotel room.  It will have a common area for socializing and preparing small meals.  The facility which will be built on Brandon Regional Health Authority property will see residents charged an affordable amount to stay.


    It’s anticipated the new Cancer Centre will open early in the New Year.


Scott Kirk is the Operations Manager for the Western Manitoba Cancer Program,


“This centre will take away the amount of travelling for some patients and their families.  The new centre will make Brandon the first community outside Winnipeg to provide radiation therapy to Western Manitoba residents.”


    So hurry and purchase a ticket for this lottery that will provide patients and families with a place to stay while away from home.  Early bird draws will be made on October 22 with over 23 prizes to be won including a TV Entertainment Centre and Countryfest Passes. The Grand Prize of $50,000 or a 2011 Mustang and $25,000 in cash will be made October 29.  Tickets are $40 each or 3 for $100. Purchase tickets by calling 1-800-959-7789 or go on line at  If you have any questions about the lottery call the Brandon Regional Health Centre Foundation office at 578-4227.

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