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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Simply Cook and Enjoy! March is Nutrition Month

Simply Cook and Enjoy!

March is Nutrition Month


Brought to you by Prairie MountainHealth

 There is growing concern about a potential lack of home cooking and loss of cooking skills among all Canadians. Shifting values, time constraints and availability of, and reliance on, prepared meals are just a few of the factors that translate into diminishing food preparation skills. Perhaps the greatest concern is regarding lack of cooking skills being passed along to the next generation. Nutrition Month 2014 is designed to inspire Canadians to get back to cooking basics.  Here are some tips to help you share cooking responsibilities within your family.

Make Cooking A Family Affair

Your kitchen doubles as a classroom that equips kids with life skills galore. 
Cooking with kids is a great way to teach important life skills. Learning to cook now prepares them to cook for themselves when they grow up. It’s also a fun hands-on activity that teaches literacy, science and math. It doesn’t have to be complicated – start simply and build skills. Younger kids can help measure ingredients and stir. Older kids can help peel and chop vegetables. Once they are confident, they can help bake, broil or sauté. It might be messy. That’s okay! Your kids can also help clean up.
Find weekdays too hectic to cook with kids? KISS: Keep it simple, sweetie!
Cooking with kids can take a little more time, but it’s worth it! Learning how to cook helps kids develop healthy eating habits, increases self-confidence and teaches life skills. Here are a few tips to keep cooking with kids relaxed:

  • Give kids easy tasks, such as stirring, when you’re in a hurry
  • Cook on weekends, when you can take more time to teach skills
  • Choose easy-to-follow recipes with lots of tasks kids can help with
  • Prepare some ingredients before you start cooking

Bring a little fun to your kitchen with a family cooking challenge.
Cooking together is a great way to connect with your family, especially when there’s a friendly competition involved! Have fun with this challenge. Do it over a weekend or a month. Here’s how:

  • Choose a cookbook, food magazine or website. Each family member picks one recipe to try.
  • Each person makes his or her recipe for the family. Depending on skill level, kids might need a little help.
  • When all dishes have been tasted, rate the recipes. You might discover a new family favourite!

Parents frosty about kids cooking? Smoothies are a super way to introduce kids to the kitchen.
Making smoothies takes little skill, so it’s a great first step in the kitchen. The only tool you really need is a blender. You don’t even need to follow a recipe. Just blend together a mixture of frozen fruit, bananas, yogurt and milk. Kids can experiment with favourite frozen fruits to create frosty combinations. Be adventurous! Try adding a handful of spinach or finely shredded carrot for a veggie boost. Smoothies are a tasty way to enjoy milk, fruit and maybe even veggies – all foods that kids don’t get enough of.

Consumers: Get Cooking with Advice from Dietitians!

·         Visit Dietitians of Canada to watch videos of Registered Dietitians sharing Simply Cook and Enjoy! cooking tips.

·         Download eaTipsterfree from Welcome to eaTipster and be inspired by a new cooking tip each day in March – and healthy tips for the rest of the year!

·         Download Cookspirationat Welcome to Cookspiration and get recipe ideas based on what you feel like eating. This is a free NEW iPhone and iPad app.


For more information, contact:

·         Karen Larocque RD, Community Health Nutritionist in Brandon  at 204-578-2197 or    

·         Carol Schnittjer RD, Community Health Nutritionist in Dauphin at 204-629-3002 or





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