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Archive for June, 2012
Friday, June 08, 2012

Informal Caregivers





·        Are you providing support to a loved one, family member or friend? 


·        Have you been a caregiver to someone in the past?




The Province of Manitoba wants to know more about your experience as a caregiver and how we can help you in your care giving role today or in the past. 




There are three ways that caregivers can participate in the Caregiver Consultation process:



  1. Online Survey:              Visit

     2.   Telephone Survey:      Please contact 204-945-6565 or  Toll free: 1-800-665-6565


(Deadline for both the online and telephone surveys is June 15, 2012)




3.   Participate in a Focus Group:


If you would like to join the following focus group, please register by calling


 Home Care at 204-578-2325.




  DATE:             Thursday, June 21, 2012


            TIME:               10:00 a.m. to Noon


            LOCATION:       Brandon RHA Board Room


                                    Brandon Regional Health Authority


    150A - 7th Street


    Brandon, Manitoba  




Space is limited to 15 participants per group.

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Friday, June 01, 2012

Emergency Department - Patient Guide







When you are not feeling well, making a visit to the Emergency Department (ED) can be stressful.  The Brandon Regional Health Authority (Brandon RHA) wants to make that easier for you by helping you understand what to expect when you visit the department.






When you first enter the waiting area you will see an enclosed desk where an emergency nurse called “the triage nurse” is located.  That nurse is the first person you will talk to.  They will ask you why you are there, do a quick assessment, and check your blood pressure and pulse.  The triage nurse will determine how ill or injured you are and how quickly you should be seen. While that is taking place a person at the patient registration desk right next to this area will also be asking you questions and getting the necessary information they need. 






If the triage nurse is not at her desk when you arrive, please ring the buzzer.  If the nurse is busy with a patient you are asked to take a seat identified with a red cover.  These are designated seats for people waiting to see the triage nurse.




Please note:  There may be times when the ED is full, every hour the triage nurse will walk through to check if there are new people arriving and to see how people are doing.




You must also keep in mind there maybe other groups of patients that come to this waiting room.  Some have already been seen by a doctor in their office and are now being admitted directly.  There may be a maternity patient that is in labour who is also being admitted at the patient registration area or a patient who is being brought in before you because the specialist that they have been sent to see has arrived to see them.






Patients are seen as quickly as possible and not necessarily first come first serve.  For example someone considered a level 3 may have been waiting a long time and is next, but if an ambulance arrives with someone more ill or injured they have to continue waiting.  Level of care is divided into 5 areas.






Manitoba Health Card


List of medications






If you are feeling worse let the triage nurse know


Talk to the triage nurse before going to the washroom in case they need a sample and


before you have anything to eat or drink.







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