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Archive for July, 2010
Monday, July 05, 2010

Health Care Aide Program at Crocus Plains This Fall



Graduating with a grade 12 diploma in hand is a great accomplishment but imagine graduating with dual certificates and stepping right into a job as a Health Care Aide.  Thanks to a new partnership between the between the Brandon Regional Health Authority (RHA), the Brandon School Division, and Assiniboine Community College (ACC) this will be possible for Brandon high school students.  Starting this September students in the three high schools will be able to take the      Comprehensive Health Care Aide program that will be offered at Crocus Plains High School.  Students will then graduate with a high school diploma and a Comprehensive Health Care Aide certificate. 


There are over 500 Health Care Aides (425 health care aides and 90 Home Care Attendants) working for the Brandon Regional Health Authority at various locations.  Whether it’s in the hospital, a long term care facility or Home Care the need for qualified people is ongoing.  It is a constant challenge for the Brandon RHA to recruit Health Care Aides, so discussion began 2 years ago on how to make the Health Care Aide program more accessible. Ron Cruickshank, Vice-principal of Crocus Plains High School, thought it was a perfect fit as they were looking to expand their vocational programs.


“This would get some of our students who may otherwise not be able to afford to go onto ACC to take these courses,” says Cruickshank.  “This program gives them the opportunity in high school to get their grade 12 diploma and a Health Care Aide certificate.” 


ACC offers this course at their Brandon and Dauphin campuses as well as two rotating sites per year.  For the 2010/2011 year Crocus will be one of their rotating sites providing the curriculum and instructors.  The Brandon School Division is covering the cost of tuition and books. Students enrolling will have to finish their grade 12 academic diploma in the first semester in addition to a couple of theory courses related to the Health Care Aide program.  ACC Comprehensive Health Care Aide program coordinator Jodee Cobb-Adair says the second semester is strictly devoted to the ACC program.


“If the program is successful, and I have no doubt that it will be, it’s a win- win situation for everybody,” Cobb-Adair says. “Not many high schools students can say they have their high school diploma and a college certificate.”


 For many of the graduates, the certificate will come in handy because the Brandon RHA interviews roughly 100 new Aides a year.  Human Resources Manager Eileen Trott says participating in this joint partnership only made sense.


 “We have offered practicum placements required of the course, as well as some equipment to use in the classroom like beds, wheelchairs, and night stands.


There are currently 12 students registered for the program.  Whether you will work in a hospital, develop relationships with clients in long term care facilities or one on one as a Home Care Aide the options are varied.  What is for sure is that you will be making a difference having the satisfaction of working in an environment to help assist with direct care.

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