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Archive for August, 2010
Monday, August 16, 2010

Music to my Ears







     They say music can soothe your soul, and that healing occurs when the whole person-body, mind and spirit is engaged.  That is the premise behind the Music to my Ears program. Musicians play on-site at hospitals creating a soothing healing environment for patients, families and staff.  And now Manitoba Artists in Healthcare (MAH) brings the healing art of music to the Brandon RHA for the first time.


     Harpist Ann Germani has been playing at the Brandon Regional Health Centre since the fall of 2009. This is the first time the project has been tried outside of Winnipeg.   Every Friday she divides her time between the Chemotherapy unit, Dialysis and other areas.  She talks about the power of music and the harp,   “It has that soothing aspect to it, research has shown that it can alleviate tension and bring heart rates down, so you don’t have that same stress level.”


     Brenda Huebert is a nurse in the Cancer Program; she says the response has been positive and hopes this program will continue once they move into the new Western Manitoba Cancer Center, “It would be nice because there will be more space and areas where musicians can play.”


    Ann Germani hopes the program will play on. She says she loves the opportunity to play for people and if it can help them in anyway it makes it even more fulfilling.  “It really is delightful, people have approached me after I play and say how much they appreciate having live music.”


      The program was created for Cancer Care Manitoba and they along with MAH have provided start up funding for this one year trial which costs around five thousand dollars.   They also interview and screen the musicians, and work with them so they are comfortable on site.  Once this trial period is complete the program will be evaluated.  MAH is a registered charity and you can learn more about them by visiting their website at or phone: 204 999-0057.

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