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Archive for December, 2010
Friday, December 17, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Hello Everyone,
“Be happy with what you have while working for what you want”.
Council Meeting, Monday, December 13/10 with selected agenda items & correspondence since November 29/10.
A) Delegations:
Presentation by Bernie Chrisp on behalf of the Brandon Riverbank Inc. & Brandon Tourism with respect to their annual activities & financial statements. Arbour Trail being the priority for 2010/11.
Blaine Foley of the Community Advisory Board for Homelessness gave a current update.
Brian Kayes provided a Spring Flood forecast. Indicated a water measurement is taken every thirty minutes.
B) Committee Reports:
Council received the Keystone Agricultural & Recreational Centre Inc. Annual Report. First time in recent history the Keystone will post an operational surplus.
C) Enquiries:
Snow Clearing/Budget; Sidewalk Use; Road Clearing; Waste Management/Water Services Capacity for Development & Simplot Millennium Ball Park.
D) General Business:
The 2010 Board of Revision Report on the proceedings of the assessment appeal hearings by the Board was explained and carried. The total impact was a decrease of $2,870000,460.00 in the 2011 Real Property Assessment.
Brandon General Museum & Archives Inc. Citizen Appointments were Robert Booth, Kathleen Christensen, Roger Glufka, Murray Graham, Douglas Grossart & Bill McGuire.
Board of Revision Citizen Appointments were Donald Cornell, Ron Powers, Wes Shewchuk & Gary Walker.
Brandon Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee Citizen Appointments were Reg Hildebrand & Garry Miller.
Poverty Committee Citizen Appointments were Keri Lynn Garinger & Glen Kruck.
Western Manitoba Regional Library Board Citizen Appointments were Donna Kormilo & Wendy Stewart.
Brandon Downtown Development Corporation Board of Directors Citizen Appointments were Shaun Cameron & Randy brown.
Acting Director of Community Services Perry Roque provided an update report on the Sportsplex. Council agreed to have our Administration meet with the YMCA Board over the present signed agreement.
Council permitted the borrowing of funds from the Bank of Montreal for general operating expenses, not exceeding $5,350,00.00 and a maximum of $3M for each payroll cycle.
City of Brandon 2011 Interim Budget-General Fund Expenditures($66,320,727.00); General Fund Revenues & Transfers($66,320,727.00); General Fund Reserve Expenditures($12,423,236.00); Utility Fund Expenditures($16,128,303.00); Utility Fund Reserves & Transfers($16,128,303.00; Utility Fund Reserve Expenditures($8,158,000.00)
Microsoft Office Upgrade of $110,000.00 will be transferred from the Reserve Fund.
New Enterprise Resource Planning System will cost $350,000 from the Office Reserve Fund.
E) By-laws:
#6986- The Annual Schedule of Fees for services, activities or things provided by the City was passed.
#6988- Urban Aboriginal Peoples’ Council was discussed and passed.
F) Did You Know:
Brandon Chamber Luncheon on January 13/11.
Brandon Police Service will officially start construction in January, 2011.
Pepsi Refresh Contest expires December 31/10. Vote at
Call Operation Red Nose. Don’t Drink & Drive.
Next Council Meeting is on Monday, January 10/11, 7:30 pm.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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