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Downtown’s newest mural, 'Grandmother Giver,' was completed on Wednesday

Posted by Adam in Local News, 6/5/2019

You might’ve heard that many of Downtown’s walls have been coming to life this spring thanks to an initiative from the Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation that’s seen a handful of artists commissioned to create works on otherwise blank mundane walls in the city’s core. 

Today artist Nereo Eugenio aka Scenereo has completed his work “Grandmother Giver” on the green wall of the Helping Hands building at 111 7th Street. 

In a description of his piece, Scenereo has described the piece as a whole as representing the universal act of giving as demonstrated by mother earth. 

In his words, “The hummingbird is inspired by a parable from ‘Flight of the Hummingbirds’ and it tells of a story about the special bird that stayed behind during a forrest fire while all the other wildlife fled for safety. It was the hummingbird that would swoop down to the nearest body of water, and carry one droplet of water on the tip of its beak only to fly over the fire and drop it with an attempt to put out the fire. Though it seemed impossible and its own life was at stake, it was the hummingbirds duty to do all that it could with all that it had. “

The quilt is said to represent togetherness, interconnectedness, weaving cultures and weaving stories.

There is the possibility of a small amount of finishing touches in the coming weeks. 

Last month a piece featuring about as big, cheery and welcoming of a cat as you’ll ever see popped up at 315 10th street courtesy Mary and Erica Lowe:

The new murals join Rosser Avenue’s “Sun Spectrum” and “The Brandonite Woman” as works created so far this year. Separately a new 10x50 foot mural is being created inside Shoppers Mall.

According to the BNRC, the next murals will likely not see work done until next month. 


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